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We make it easy to learn about candidates in federal, state, and local elections so you can vote for the best person and impact change in the government.


Of 18+ population voted in the last presidential election


Voters made the difference in the 2016 race


US citizens age 18-24

Together we can change the world

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About Impact Change

We provide short, easy to understand information on political candidates. We stick to highlighting their policies and actions so you can decide who to support based on facts. 


Government Officials

Learn about your representatives' stances on a range of important issues in a few quick sentences. 


Recent Elections

See recent elections in your area and learn about the candidates. The information is presented in a way that political beginners can understand.

Political Terms

Learn the meaning of often used political terms and abreviations. We explain these terms a just a  sentence or two.

How to Vote

Learn how to easily register to vote and where to vote in your state. Making a plan to vote only takes a few minutes.