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Our goal is to inform you about politicians and elections so that you can identify candidates that you like and use your vote to impact change in your community. 


We believe that voting is one of the most important things any individual can do to contribute to the improvement of society. Voting allows every person to make their voice heard and give people whom they believe in the power to improve the community. Whether it is on a local, state or national level, your vote makes a difference. But choosing the person that you think will do the best job isn't always easy. Between political rhetoric, media focus on irrelevant stories, and misinformation there are a lot of things taking focus away from what's actually relevant about politicians: how they plan to improve our lives and our society. That's where we come in.

We provide information about candidates in short, easy to understand segments so that you can find someone you like easily and quickly. All of our information comes from credible sources, which we link to at the end of every candidate's bio in case you want to learn more. For each candidate, we give an overall summary of where they come from and what they stand for. We also give short summaries of their stances and actions on up to 11 relevant issues. We will also give you information about upcoming elections so you can be sure to make your choice count. 

We want to help you influence positive change in our society by making information about elections easier to access and understand. 

About Us

Chris Harrison


Chris is a rising sophomore at Hamilton College planning on majoring in economics. The energy and political involvement he saw from a lot of his friends in the recent weeks and months inspired him to start this project. He realized the impact that our generation can have on the way our country is run. Chris' hope for this project is that it will help make political involvement (particularly voting) easier for  young people like himself so that they can play a larger role in deciding our future. Outside of politics he enjoys spending time with friends and watching whatever sport is on TV.

Cole Volpe


Cole Volpe is a rising sophomore at the George Washington University planning on majoring in international business. He has been passionate about politics his whole life and living in the nation's capital has given him first-hand experience with activism and political engagement. He chose to get involved with Impact Change because he has seen how powerful the young generation can be at prompting change but also realizes that political apathy is fairly common. An overwhelming news cycle and complex political jargon can make it hard to keep up with the issues. With this in mind, Cole hopes to help simplify issues and inform more young people on policies and candidates across the country. Outside of politics, Cole is an avid NBA fan and enjoys spending time with his friends, family, and cat.

Miles Munkacy


Miles is a rising freshman at Brown University planning on majoring in International and Public Affairs. His main goal in helping to create Impact Change is to make it easier for people in his generation to learn about their elected officials, most of whom are unknown to the general population. Especially in times like these, Miles believes it's important to engage in politics and vote for the people you believe will impact the most change for your community. Outside of politics, Miles is planning on finishing his 7th complete viewing of the television show The Office.

Ben Fasciano


Ben is a rising sophomore at Bates College where he plans to major in History. He chose to get involved with Impact Change when he saw what other people his age were doing to make a difference in their communities. He hopes that by getting involved he can make it easier for other young adults to educate themselves on important issues within our country. Outside of politics, Ben plays on the ultimate frisbee team at Bates and spends most of his free time watching hockey.