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The Impact Change Template

The plan for this website is to eventually have a page for every politician in the United States. However, there are thousands of politicians across the country. Thus, we would love your help writing about elected officials to help us achieve our goal. If you would like to cover politicians for us please follow the template below in order to keep this website simple, accurate, and non-partisan. All contributions are welcome; even just covering one politician or one election goes a long way and helping us out. If you would like to contribute please fill out the form at the bottom of this page. You are welcome to just enter your submission into the form. Anyone who contributes will be added to a contributors page on the website.


We cover politicians based on 11 issues:

  1. Policing in America (race relations, discrimination, etc.)

  2. COVID

  3. Climate Change/Environmental

  4. Social rights (LGBTQ+, Abortion, etc.)

  5. Immigration

  6. Economic (tax policy, interest rates, trade, infrastructure, etc.)

  7. Health Care (universal, medicaid, social security, etc.)

  8. Education (Common core, college debt, etc.)

  9. Foreign policy (terrorism, China, etc.) 

  10. Guns

  11. Criminal Justice (death penalty, drugs, etc.)

For Each issue:

  • Maximum 2 sentences, 1 sentence is ideal.

  • Make everything simple so someone with little background could understand (use elementary language).

  • Try to balance each politician/candidate's spoken ideas (e.g. campaign promises) and their actions (e.g. bills they’ve proposed).

  • Cite everything written from a credible source. Good websites include personal campaign websites and trustworthy news organizations such as the New York Times, CNN, and the Wall Street Journal.

  • If you use any part of a candidate's website, cite the homepage of that website. If you get information from anywhere else, cite the specific link.

  • Try to be unbiased and keep your personal political beliefs out of what you write. Make sure to stick to facts no matter how disagreeable they are to you.

  • The bios should be two sentences. The first sentence should be who they are/what they’re personally known for (e.g. they’re a member of a famous political family) and the second sentence should be what they’re politically known for (e.g. famous supporter of worker’s rights).

  • Feel free to make suggestions to help us improve the site.

We welcome emails or DMs at any point in the process and we will be responding to every positive message we get.                                              


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We cover politicians based on this template

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We are a new project and we recognize that there are going to be areas where we are lacking. That's where you come in. Please let us know what you think of the website and if there are any areas where we can improve. We will read every email and do our best to implement your suggestions ASAP. 

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We will be posting positions we are looking to fill on our instagram (linked below). If you would like to get involved please send us a DM or email about a specific position or any way that you think you can help. We look forward to hearing from you and welcoming you to our team. 

Side note: We are always looking for people to write about politicians. Info about that is provided above.

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